DJMinx305 - Miami's Hottest


"The Hottie House DJ"

 Minx is a Model & DJ  based in Miami, FL.

An enthusiast of house that culminates into electronic/dance music(EDM), DJMinx305 is often called entertaining, while self-described as eccentric and creative

Her mixing keeps the energy flowing with effortless timing as she draws upon an extraordinary selection of music!

Ten years ago, after relocating from Richmond, Virginia to Tampa, Florida, DJMinx305 was inspired by DJ Skrillex who had just dropped his first EP.  The EDM sound was beyond exhilarating to a younger DJMinx305 who faithfully listened during her countless hours at the gym (there was nothing better for that extra pump). Now, after her last 5 years in Miami, she’s embraced house, trance, indie, ambient lounge and vibrant tropical sounds.

Molding these influences into a mixed playlist, based off moods & vibes is her current happy place.  "There's a genre and song for everyone…it's about producing a harmonious mix as a nice undertone." 

Always the professional, DJMinx305 formalized her craft over a year ago in Hollywood, Florida at the Scratch Academy, founded by Jam Master Jay. Shortly thereafter, she graduated the 101 DJ course at Miami DJ Academy in Wynwood, Miami that specializes in the mastery of house music. When she's not DJing, or exploring new music to add to the lineup, she’s usually found vibing with her toy poodle, Sage. 

Creating a vibe with good energy music is the core value of DJMinx305.”

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Why I chose house music 

Let me start with the fact that “house music chose me” and I'm sticking beside it! In my recent trek of focusing on my mental health, music with less lyrics and more melodies helped soothe and relax me more . My personal music choice varies but when it comes to being in my creative space, house music has more room for me to express myself. It wasn't until I started my journey and discovered there were so many sub-genre's for house… You can only imagine my excitement with each new discovery of music I have yet to hear. That's what I love about DJ'ing house music! The constant surprise and introduction to a deeper listening experience of new vibes. 

My job is to create a nice mix for you as a listener to digest easily and want to consume more either on your own or back for more to see what I have new ❤️ I am in my happy place when I'm creating and sharing with others. 

BPM = Energy 

I am a firm believer that some low vibrational music can contribute to negative thoughts and feelings. So it should be no shocker that the words to other songs can very well do the same thing. That's kind of why I enjoy electronic dance music so much because it's calibrated with good vibrational energy and minimal words. There's so much in life we have no control of and my music is one of those things I like to use to manipulate how I feel with BPM (beats per minute). Just like how you could be in a bad mood but there's always a certain song that breaks you out of it. The faster the beat the less time you have to be in your thoughts since you'll be so busy dancing or trying to hold it back. Music is truly healing to the core and I don't want to imagine a life without it. 

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