Why I chose house music

Let me start with the fact that “house music chose me” and I'm sticking beside it! In my recent trek of focusing on my mental health, music with less lyrics and more melodies helped soothe and relax me more . My personal music choice varies but when it comes to being in my creative space, house music has more room for me to express myself. It wasn't until I started my journey and discovered there were so many sub-genre's for house… You can only imagine my excitement with each new discovery of music I have yet to hear. That's what I love about DJ'ing house music! The constant surprise and introduction to a deeper listening experience of new vibes. 

My job is to create a nice mix for you as a listener to digest easily and want to consume more either on your own or back for more to see what I have new ❤️ I am in my happy place when I'm creating and sharing with others. 

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